“Never, Never trust”

From the poem “Looking into the World” by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Palate of the Warriors

Before a recent Shambhala Training, director Cynthia MacKay asked the coordinators to be extra mindful of food. Here are some recipes from that weekend. 

Gentle Gardener

I am as complex and beautiful as the painting. As full of intricacy, layers, order, chaos. I don’t have to control, change, fix anything. I am a living being, and like all other living beings magic and profound.

Further Testing

Sometimes people told us we were doing the right thing. Encouraged us to believe we could know a poor outcome was inevitable. Should see ourselves as agents of mercy. I never bought it.

Mamos, Maras, and Döns, oh my!

In the tradition of Shambhala warriors, it is important to remember that obstacles are not punishments but reminders to become more mindful and aware, to decrease our habitual speediness, to pay attention to our precious life and sacred world.