The Healing Circle (Eagle Rock)

healing group jeff rubin los angeleshealing group los angeles jeff rubin

Genuine health and well-being is unconditional and inherent to human beings, no matter what circumstances befall us.

First Saturday of each month, 10:30am to 1:30pm in Eagle Rock.

In this group we will explore the real meaning of “healing,” as opposed to “cure.” We will look at how the uncomfortable, sometimes painful issues in our lives can be our gifts on the path of awakening to a life that is actually rich and fulfilling. Participants may include those working with long-term illness, depression or other obstacles difficult to face. There will be group discussion, as well as opportunities to explore the teachings presented. Meditation Instruction and a brief period of meditation will be part of each group meeting.

All who feel this group will be of benefit are welcome to attend The Healing Circle, which will meet on a monthly basis. It is not necessary to be a Shambhala member or to have attended “Unconditional Healing” in the past.

Based on the “Unconditional Healing” teachings offered at SMCLA in the fall of 2011 by Jeff Rubin. Read article here.

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Health is not simply the absence of disease, nor is it only about curing any particular disease that befalls us.

Real health also includes mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as well.