Creating Good Work

Later this month, Ron Schultz’s newest book, Creating Good Work – The World’s Leading Social Entrepreneurs Show How to Build a Healthy Economy will be released. Ron was recently interviewed by the Shambhala Times about the upcoming publication. Here are some excerpts.

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 19th, 2013: Ron’s books is now available through Palgrave Macmillan,  Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

“Building a healthy economy is not about dreaming it, it’s about building it,” Ron explained.

“This is really an action-based approach to making a healthy economy happen and it’s engaging people at a level that they seem to resonate with, just the way we experience the arising of basic goodness.”

Ironically, the contract for Creating Good Work arrived while Ron was at Vajrayana Seminary at Karme Choling two years ago….

“It turns out that meaningful work is work that benefits others,” Ron described. “No surprise there to meditators!

When you ask people what is satisfying in their work, they respond that it’s most satisfying when they are benefitting others.

“When people are only involved in taking from the system and not giving back, they eventually feel dissatisfied with what they’ve done. We want to shift that thinking so we can build a healthier economy. And that all comes out of practice.”

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Ron-SchultzRon Schultz is the editor of Creating Good Work, is the founder and President of Entrepreneurs4Change. He has written or co-written along with having published 22 previous books including: Coherence in the Midst of Complexity, Adjacent Opportunities – Sparking Emergent Social Action, and Open Boundaries: Creating Business Innovation through Complexity (with Howard Sherman).