Classes & Programs

Below is a list of upcoming feature programs and classes.

FEB 2024 UPDATE:  Shambhala Los Angeles is quickly preparing to finish renovations at our brand-new center in Burbank, CA.  Once completed, These renovations promise to provide the opportunity to schedule long-awaited in-person and hybrid classes.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive announcements about newly scheduled programs and open house celebrations of our new location.

Contemplative Creativity Lab: Open Studio (Online)

with Anne Saitzyk

March 9th

Contemplative Creatitivy Lab is an extension of the Shambhala Art/ Dharma Art teachings. Shambhala Art celebrates art that springs from the meditative mind. Continue »

Sadhana of Mahamudra (Online)

March 10th

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the founder of the Shambhala centers, wrote the Sadhana of Mahamudra practice, which is chanted aloud in a group session on the new moon of each month. Continue »

The Essential Pema Chödrön Study Group (Online)

March 13th

Join us as we practice and study the teachings of Pema Chödrön together! We will meet every Wednesday evening for a lively online discussion of the dharma using The Essential Pema as our guide. Continue »

Learn to Meditate (In-Person)

March 21st

This introduction to mindfulness meditation is ideal for beginners, as well as anyone looking to refresh their understanding of meditation practice. “What It Is, What It Isn’t, How to Do It and Keep Doing It” Continue »

Qigong Levels 1 & 2

with Kate Summers

March 23rd—March 24th

When body is relaxed and peaceful, energy will flow. When mind is still, it will embrace qi and strengthen the body. In the Chinese arts of health and longevity, qigong simultaneously cultivates a peaceful body and a peaceful mind. Continue »