Contemplative Creativity Lab: Unblocking our Pathway

July 13th

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with Mavis Rode

In this lab, we’ll explore what we’re hoping to create.  What are our biggest dreams?  What’s holding us back; what’s keeping us from living in balance and joy and creating the life we desire? 

Carl Jung said that fairy tales give expression to what’s hidden in the unconscious. In this lab, we’ll be using oracle cards and a story writing process to guide us gently on an inward journey with a sense of excitement and adventure rather than subjecting us to a painful and difficult process of self examination.

First, we’ll connect with and learn to “feel” the energy around us.  Using breath work and simple movement we’ll enter that deep, quiet place of “knowing” within us. We’ll then use images from oracle cards to prompt us in writing a story that reveals the fears, hopes, and dreams that are hidden in the secret places of our unconscious.  Once unearthed, we’ll use a Shaman’s fire ceremony to release obstacles blocking our pathway forward towards our dreams.

Leave some room in your heart for the unimaginable.
-Mary Oliver

Supplies: Please have on hand pen and paper, a candle and matches, a small stick for burning (a small bamboo skewer works well but you could also use a toothpick), a small fire-proof bowl, saucer, dish, or something similar.

Mavis Rode has been in the healing arts for over 30 years as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Energy Medicine Practitioner in the shamanic tradition, which integrates ancient shamanic teaching with leading edge neuroscience. Her approach is holistic, drawing from teachings of science, her knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy, and healing traditions of QiGong, yoga, and other somatic practices. In her work, Dr. Rode is inspired to help people break free of limiting beliefs and patterns, reconnect with lost parts of themselves, ignite their creativity, and experience transformation in their lives.

Contemplative Creativity Lab is an online meditation and community arts group led by Shambhala Art teachers and special guests. Join us from anywhere in the world, live via Zoom – Second Saturday of each month 10 AM – 12 PM PT. Starting March 2024, we will have an Open Studio format each month, punctuated by teacher led labs about once a quarter.

Past labs have included ink and brush, contemplative movement, photography, flower arranging and writing. What links these is the ground of meditation which allows for fresh perception to be in the forefront, rather than trying to make "art". So, we give meditation instruction and sit for a short time before we move into a meditation-in-activity. Creating from that place of open mind/heart we call "Square One". Please check it out!

See photos of past events on our Meetup group

Everyone is warmly welcome, no exceptions. There is no need for any experience with art or meditation to take part.

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