A Warrior Relates to Onions

I walked into the kitchen seeing all of these blades hanging on the wall in a row with the music from Psycho playing in my head! I would see my thumb flying across the room landing on the floor, someoneʼs hand lopped off by accident due to a cantaloupe chopping error.

Radical Friendliness

A happy staff makes for a welcoming environment where families coming to the museum feel relaxed enough to look at, talk about, and make art. It has come to mean that we can create an environment where staff cares about each other, cares about the work that we do, and cares about the kids and families that participate.

Able, Baker, Charlie & Denver

“It’s my first time in here,” the guy whispers to me; he doesn’t want the inmates on either side of him to hear. “I’ve been trying to do the practice for 10 minutes, like you said, twice a day.”

Oaths in Shambhala

On Shambhala Day, Marian English and Tom Gottlieb took oaths of commitment to their new offices.We asked Acharya Emily Bower, the event’s preceptor, to communicate the view of oaths in Shambhala.

Creating Good Work

“This is really an action-based approach to making a healthy economy happen and it’s engaging people at a level that they seem to resonate with, just the way we experience the arising of basic goodness.”