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Present Parenting & Children Groups Starting This Fall – New Families Welcomed!

Join our Families and Children Group Semester in Pasadena this Fall. The group meet once per month. New families are welcomed. Apply today.

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Year of the Water Tiger

Earlier this month the Los Angeles Shambhala community began the year of the Water Tiger with a roar at a gathering of 45 warriors. This event took place at the Neighborhood Church in Pasadena and marked the first in-person gathering after the local indoor mask mandate had been lifted.

The Los Angeles Shambhala Prayer Flag Project

Creativity Lab Teacher Anne Saitzyk gives an update on The Los Angeles Shambhala prayer flag project and the six month of collaboration that began at Harvest of Peace in 2021. Each flag is a unique expression, and when linked together, will symbolize our bonds of friendship and our well-wishes for all beings.

lighting incense meditation at home practice

Fresh Start – Establishing and Practicing Mindfulness for the New Year

In our lives every day, we always have the opportunity practicing mindfulness. By remembering each moment is a new moment, just like remembering the technique in our meditation practice, we can begin again, and maybe through our practice come to see the past with fresh eyes, opening to a new point of view, planting new seeds for the future.

ikebana - kado a simple flower arrangement

Sit with It – Join us to Develop or Reboot Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is a way to stop where you are in the midst of whatever is going on in your life, and just be–not trying to manipulate or change anything or to solve problems or figure anything out. Just sit with it. Observing. Noticing. Allowing everything to be as it is even if just for a few minutes. If finding it difficult to get to the cushion or would like to develop a meditation practice join our online and in-person events!