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Sit with It – Join us to Develop or Reboot Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is a way to stop where you are in the midst of whatever is going on in your life, and just be–not trying to manipulate or change anything or to solve problems or figure anything out. Just sit with it. Observing. Noticing. Allowing everything to be as it is even if just for a few minutes. If finding it difficult to get to the cushion or would like to develop a meditation practice join our online and in-person events!

Tibetan New Year

Preparing for the New Year – Dön Season & Shambhala Day

Celebrating the new year according to the Tibetan calendar is an important event in the Shambhala community. Named “Shambhala Day” by ChögyamTrungpa Rinpoche. Here’s an explanation what it is and why we do special chants called “Mamo Chants” 10 days prior to Shambhala Day.


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Buddhist and heartbreak blog posts by Sarah Norrad Elephant Journal

Why Heartbreak is a Good Thing—according to Buddhists Studies

Heartbreak is seen as a good thing in the Buddhist studies. Read a blog post by Author Sarah Norrad from Elephant Journal that shares what we can learn from broken … Continue 

Shambhala Los Angeles Meditation Center

Meditation: Finding Contentment in Everyday Life

Contentment in Everyday Life is the first class in Shambhala Training, a complete path of weekly classes and weekend retreats that provides a comprehensive overview of mindfulness and contemplative meditation techniques. Read a blog post, by meditation teacher Lodro Rinzler, on the meaning of contentment and what this course is about.