What is a “Weekthun?” (Dec 26-Jan 1) – A Special Invitation from Acharya Emily Bower

I am looking forward to leading the weeklong retreat this holiday season. In this retreat, our main practice will be showing up for each session and following our teachers’ instructions for meditation. Our secondary practice will be contemplating kindness and the possibilities that arise when we acknowledge basic goodness—of ourselves, of each other, and of … Continue 

The Shambhala community in Orange County has a uniqueness…

An interview with Shastri Marilyn Moore “In her recent visit to Southern California, Minister Jane Arthur pointed out that each of our centers has a unique flavor, a quality all its own. In that spirit, she shared that her experience of our Orange County community was a sense of family, a feeling that people truly … Continue 

Harvest of Peace – our newest Nyida Day

One upon a time there was a young, incarnate Tibetan meditation master who managed to escape cultural genocide in 1959. He landed in India, studied at Oxford University and contemplated British culture for a few years. After meeting Western students while co-administering a small Buddhist monastery in Scotland, he made drastic changes to his personal … Continue 


What is The Heart of Recovery?

A Question and Answer session with George Gomez. George is actively involved with Heart of Recovery that meets weekly at SMCLA, and at many Shambhala Centers across our mandala. (It is similar in format to an earlier iteration with a name still used at some Centers, Sarpashyana.) Heart of Recovery meets every Wednesday night at … Continue 

Why does a Buddhist Tradition Care About Leadership?

On September 13th, SMCLA is delighted to have Minister Jane Arthur visit our community. Over decades, Ms. Arthur has held many positions within Shambhala, including the Director of the Boulder, Colorado Center (the largest Center, currently with 600+ members), and Director of the oldest of Shambhala’s residential retreat centers, Karme Choling in Vermont. Beyond these positions, she was Director of Vermont … Continue