Mamos, Maras, and Döns, oh my!

In the tradition of Shambhala warriors, it is important to remember that obstacles are not punishments but reminders to become more mindful and aware, to decrease our habitual speediness, to pay attention to our precious life and sacred world.

On Dancing

This interchange was excerpted from a talk given by senior teacher Acharya Allyn Lyon during Thanksgiving Weekthün 2012.

Brave, the Way He Taught Us to Be

“You should come and visit again” Pa told me one day in September when I called. “It might be the last time we see each other.”

A Portrait of Cynthia MacKay

This short film by Tommy Dinh creates an intimate portrait of one of our teachers as she moves through her life.

Inspired Kasung

The Dorje Kasung is a protector practice. Once a practitioner of the Shambhala Buddhist path begins to open to the world there are so many things that sabotage such openness.