Paper Bags and Cardboard

Rotating the cardboard and paper sculpture in silence, the afternoon sunlight pouring through its hidden windows, I slow w-a-y down as I start to see it better, and the turning produces surprising shadow and light shapes that completely stop my mind with its magic.

Ki Ki So So, Cajun

This video from 2008 is a gem that captures grammy award winning Cajun fiddler Michael Doucet performing a brief, wonderful Cajun version of the Shambhala Warrior’s Cry, followed by an improvised collaboration with our own sangha member, storyteller Angela Lloyd.

Acharya Bower on Grief and Aging

West Coast regional resource Acharya in the area of Practice Forms, Emily Bower, recently published an insightful piece entitled Relating with Grief as We Age for the Shambhala Times as part of the Working Group on Aging for Shambhala.

Snowflake Contemplation

My hands are so cold and my summer riding gloves are quite useless but I have two secret weapons – a meditator’s mind and heated electric grips.

This is life. Right now. Breathe.

He sat down on the couch next to me. He gave me a tissue. “It’s ok, Katie. It’s ok to be sad some.” He reminded to me breathe. He lifted his hands above his head as I would see him do so many times and he said “Deep breath, JT. You’ve got to breathe some.”