Creating Good Work

A Community Collaborative

On Thursday March 21st, SMCLA hosted a remarkable gathering of 32 people for the Creating Good Work/Building Healthy Economies event.  

No Doubt

I met him at the top of the wooden stairs at Sunset Beach. The conditions have to be just right, and they were, at 7:30 am. I had never been to the beach that early. The water was already crowded with black wetsuits. He brought one for me. I stripped down to my underwear on the side of PCH and awkwardly tried to put it on. I felt cool…I was one of those half-naked people on PCH getting ready to go surfing.


There were ducks playing at the top of the stream where the water cascaded down into a man-made waterfall and the palm trees shot up in jagged angles towards the Colorado Street bridge which seemed to hover in the blue and cloudy sky as a delivery truck with a giant pink cupcake on it cut through along the highway. The juxtaposition of all of these seemingly mismatched elements converged into a hub, which was me, in that moment.

Breaking New Ground

We could hear our five kids enjoying a game with their babysitters in a bedroom nearby. Our hearts opened in gratitude for the chance to explore the task before us: What are we truly doing? Where are we going? How does that translate into “curriculum?”

Water Snake Forecast

During the recent Shambhala Day celebration, our resident oracle shared these received impressions of the new year of the Water Snake.