Water Snake Forecast

During the recent Shambhala Day celebration, our resident oracle Gail Whitacre shared these received impressions of the new year of the Water Snake. Gail is a student of Chinese Astrology and the I-Ching and reminds us that she is not an expert; “I just read the experts and extract the highlights,” she says. 

The Dragon Year was fun, and a wild ride, but also felt a bit frenetic.

The Snake complements the Dragon:

dragon’s in the sky, snake’s on the solid earth; with dragon you were flying – the snake is slow and steady; dragon is more extroverted, where with snake much of the action is inside:

snake may be introverted or a contemplative mystic, but always subtle – maybe doing research; dragon is out there, while snake is secretive.

Snake positive qualities include insight, mental abilities, concentration, sensuality, charisma, presence of mind, artistic talent, refinement and elegance, and constancy of purpose. And the snake’s the guardian of treasure.

On the negative side, the snake is fond of gossip, and not above scandal, double-dealing, and plotting; is interested in power and can be ruthless; doesn’t communicate; is possessive and mistrustful, and capable of hate.

The Year generally should prove stable, calm and peaceful, with for most an improvement in finances. There should be more awareness of the needs of the environment.

It’s a time for refinement and artistic pursuits. But plotting and counterplotting could undermine governments.

Other caveats: beware of causing gossip or scandal; and be aware of impulses toward backbiting or malice.

Gail WhitacreGail Whitacre’s past includes a Ph.D. in Sociology, time as a Management Analyst, in Europe, and running an open, ungraded lab school, 25 years or so teaching pre-K through college, and 37 years on this path. Thank goodness for practice, for her son at SMC, for good friends, for BG (i.e. Basic Goodness), the dog, – and that the path continues.