Scent-free Policy

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles is committed to being scent-free.  In support of those with environmental sensitivities, SMCLA will contribute to providing a scent-free environment by using scent-free sanitizers, bathroom sprays, lotions, and cleaning products. Further, we ask that program and retreat participants refrain from wearing scented products to our centers.

The following language will be on the SMCLA website on all program pages and on the home page: “Scent-Free Policy: In support of those with environmental sensitivities, please refrain from wearing scented products.”

This scent-free policy will also be posted on the premises of all SMCLA locations and will be announced at all SMCLA programs and events.

The leadership of SMCLA recognizes that in specific practice contexts, maintaining an entirely scent-free environment is not possible. Exceptions to the scent-free policy include, among other possible exceptions, juniper being burned for specific practices and ceremonies and incense being lit at the shrine.

The SMCLA program registration form provides a space where participants may indicate any special needs including, among other things, scent sensitivities, which information would aid the staff in providing accommodation. In the case of scent sensitivities, it will be up to the leader or teacher to determine whether and how much juniper or incense would be used.

This policy does not provide specific steps for responding to a situation where a participant is wearing scent to an SMCLA facility. In such cases, it would be up to Kasung and leadership who are present to determine the best way to respond to the situation. However, at no time should any action taken be punitive toward persons who have used scented products or toward persons affected by scent. SMCLA’s overarching objective is to maintain an environment which is safe and welcoming to all.