We offer mindfulness meditation programs and retreats in the Tibetan Buddhist teachings, the arts, and other contemplative disciplines, as well as individual meditation instruction.

Our meditation centers in Los Angeles are homes to a vibrant, diverse community of members and friends who provide ongoing volunteer and financial support – creating a warm, genuine basis for the realizing the full potential of our authentic wisdom traditions. 

Meditation Introductory Programs in Los Angeles
Shambhala Programs and Curriculum


Way of Shambhala

Introductory Meditation Retreat - Shambhala Teachings Weekend I in Eagle Rock (2-for-1 Discount)

with Shastri Ruth Wallen

September 7th—September 8th

This meditation retreat explores how to reawaken our hearts and minds to our own fundamental goodness and the sacredness of life. OPEN TO ALL! Continue »

WAY OF SHAMBHALA: Fearlessness in Everyday Life (Westside)

September 7th—September 28th

This class is open to students who have completed Joy in Everyday Life (JIEL). Continue »

Shambhala Training Weekend Retreat III: Warrior in the World (Orange County)

with Shastri Marilyn Moore

October 5th—October 6th

Open to graduates of Shambhala Training Level II. Continue »

WAY OF SHAMBHALA: Wisdom in Everyday Life (Westside)

with Shastri Marcia Fink

October 26th

Open to graduates of Fearlessness in Everyday Life (FIEL). Continue »

RIGDEN: Unconditional Confidence and Enlightened Leadership (Eagle Rock)

with Acharya Emily Bower

November 16th—November 17th

This culmination of the Way of Shambhala I series explores the principle of enlightened leadership as symbolized by the Rigden, the gentle, compassionate, fearless, and wise ruler of Shambhala. Continue »