Way of Shambhala

Walking the Bodhisattva Path: Finding Joy in Everyday Life (Eagle Rock)

with Sharon Owyang & Anne Saitzyk

June 15th—July 13th

This course expands the meditation experience by cultivating the noble-heart of the mahayana teachings, opening the path to the virtue and celebration of compassion. Continue »

WAY OF SHAMBHALA: Meditation in Everyday Life (Eagle Rock)

with Cynthia Mackay & Rhoades Rader

July 9th—July 30th

This course is open to all! Continue »

The Art of Being Human: Shambhala Weekend Retreat I (Westside)

August 3rd—August 4th

This meditation retreat explores how to reawaken our hearts and minds to our own fundamental goodness and the sacredness of life. OPEN TO ALL! Continue »

WAY OF SHAMBHALA: Fearlessness in Everyday Life (Westside)

September 7th—September 28th

This class is open to students who have completed Joy in Everyday Life (JIEL). Continue »

WAY OF SHAMBHALA: Wisdom in Everyday Life (Westside)

with Shastri Marcia Fink

October 26th

Open to graduates of Fearlessness in Everyday Life (FIEL). Continue »

RIGDEN: Unconditional Confidence and Enlightened Leadership (Eagle Rock)

with Acharya Emily Bower

November 16th—November 17th

This culmination of the Way of Shambhala I series explores the principle of enlightened leadership as symbolized by the Rigden, the gentle, compassionate, fearless, and wise ruler of Shambhala. Continue »