Families and Children


Shambhala Families and Children flourishes at the Shambhala Center in Eagle Rock

Our family activities sprout from the Shambhala view that all of us have basic goodness.  When this view permeates the family experience, genuine confidence, kindness and compassion can naturally grow.

For years our Family Groups program occurred each month on a drop-in basis.  Now, to build community among families, we offer 2 semesters each year for families who apply, are accepted and pay ahead for a 5-month commitment.  Our Family Council members volunteer as leaders in our Family Groups program in the spring and fall.

During this Spring Semester the “Present Parenting” group will gather while children’s activity groups are happening (ages 2 thru 16), as we’ve done before.  For the upcoming spring semester the tuition will be $100 per family.  This amount helps pay the bills for our center, which offers all its spaces so that families can meet monthly.  If you need reduced tuition, we can work that out.

The current Spring Semester meets the 3rd Sunday of each month from 1:00 – 2:30 at the usual site:  963 Colorado Blvd., LA (in Eagle Rock).  It begins on February 17th and continues through June. If you are interested, but the program has already started, please contact coordinator Laura Burnham at the email address below to let her know that you’d like to be on our waiting list in case space develops.

In addition to the semester Family Groups program, there may be other activities throughout the year when families can gather for a camping trip or a picnic, and more.  All families are especially welcome at our Children’s Day celebration on December 15th.

As much as we’d like to include everyone who applies for Family Groups – Spring Semester 2019, space is limited.  Priority will go to Shambhala members and previous regular attendees, but we also usually have spaces for newer people.

If you are interested in applying for Family Groups, or you just want to be on our Families email list, please contact SMCLA Families & Children coordinator Laura Burnham at 4mindful.families@gmail.com