Families and Children


Thank you all who came to our Children’s Day on Dec. 17, 2017! Please email Laura to be included in our separate email list lauraburnham21@gmail.com




Shambhala Families and Children flourishes at the Eagle Rock center in Los Angeles.

This is where our volunteers who love working with children come up with various ways that children and their families can participate in creative activities that involve the arts, nature, and genuine communication. Inherent in all we do is the encouragement of mindfulness, just seeing and feeling the ways we can work with our own minds. Rather than being taught in a formal way, children learn best through their own direct experience of the world, including their relationships with others.

Changes in 2018:

For years our Family Groups have happened at a regular time each month on a drop-in basis. Right now, we’re switching to a new ”semester” approach in which families are enrolling for a 5-month period. Rather than coming occasionally when it’s convenient, we’re asking that each family enrolled try hard to attend on a regular basis. This enables the children to get to know each other, and parents can get acquainted as well. Our volunteer staff people can build stronger relationships with everyone who attends. The cost for each “semester” is $75 per family, paid up front. Other arrangements can be made if this amount is unworkable.


There are a number of activities families can attend throughout each year, and more about these activities will follow in the coming weeks. Our main continuing program is Family Groups which happens January through May (a 5 month semester) and again from August through December. This program happens the 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month (except in June and July) from 1:00 – 2:30.

Family Groups:

In addition to the Present Parenting group, there are 4 age groups for children, which meet while parents gather in another space nearby:
Present Parenting
Tiger Cubs: (2 – 4 years )
Tigers (5 – 8 years)
Dragons (9 – 12 years)
Teens (13 – 16 years)

If you have questions or want to hear more, please contact Laura Burnham, coordinator, at lauraburnham21@gmail.com.

Applications for the upcoming Family Groups semester can be made at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/TtAsNW4sq1IEKX2r1

Our Families & Children’s programs happen at:
963 Colorado Blvd. / at Figueroa
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Looking forward to connecting with you!