Greg Lubkin on Illness

Long-time Shambhala student, teacher and recently-resigned co-director of SMCLA, Greg Lubkin, recently published a brilliant piece entitled the Wisdom of Illness for the Shambhala Times as part of their Community Articles series. Here is a brief excerpt.

When we have a serious illness or injury, it provides an opening for others to be generous and kind. Those of us who are accustomed to thinking of ourselves as essentially self-reliant and helpful to others may not be very good at receiving what others can offer to us. That has certainly been my experience in the past, as though somehow I did not need (or deserve?) to be on the receiving end of others’ goodness. But it is important for us to have the confidence and humility to receive what others can offer, if what they offer is appropriately aimed at our needs. We need to be able to trust that others may actually have our well-being at heart and understand how to contribute to it – or how to ask us what we need.

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