Eagle Rock programs

Join us for meditation classes, weekend retreats and mindfulness awarness programs at our main Center, located in Eagle Rock, northeast Los Angeles. Our address is 963 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041. View directions.

Sadhana of Mahamudra practice (Eagle Rock)

with Darryl Burnham

June 3rd—February 23rd (2020)

The Sadhana of Mahamudra presents a vajrayana view, bringing together the devotion mahamudra of the Kagyu lineage and the crazy wisdom of the Nyingma lineage. As such, it provides a powerful touchstone for understanding our vajrayana heritage. Continue »

RIGDEN: Unconditional Confidence and Enlightened Leadership (Eagle Rock)

with Acharya Emily Bower

November 16th—November 17th

This culmination of the Way of Shambhala I series explores the principle of enlightened leadership as symbolized by the Rigden, the gentle, compassionate, fearless, and wise ruler of Shambhala. Continue »

How to Meditate: The Path of Friendliness to Yourself and Others (Eagle Rock)

with Debra Dysart & Jenny Hannah

November 19th—December 10th

This exploration of meditation practice is open to all, both new and experienced meditators alike! Continue »

All Day Meditation Retreat (Eagle Rock)

with Debra Dysart

November 30th

For new and experienced practitioners alike, this all-day community meditation retreat is a rare opportunity to take a real break from our usual routines to truly relax with ourselves and refresh our sense of wellbeing, goodness, and sanity. Continue »

Introduction to Meditation in Eagle Rock

December 5th

These evenings are appropriate for anyone wishing to learn the basics of mindfulness/awareness meditation or to refresh their existing meditation practice. Continue »

Shambhala Sadhana Community Practice (Eagle Rock)

December 12th

This intimate monthly group practice session held at the time of the full moon is open to all members of Shambhala and their families, and helps us connect to the basic goodness of ourselves, society and the world. Continue »

Introductory Meditation Retreat - Shambhala Teachings Weekend I (Eagle Rock)

with Shastri Joel Wachbrit

December 14th—December 15th

This meditation retreat explores how to reawaken our hearts and minds to our own fundamental goodness and the sacredness of life. OPEN TO ALL! Continue »

Winter Meditation Retreat: A Shambhala Weekthün (Eagle Rock)

with Shastri Marcia Henry-Fink

December 26th—January 1st (2020)

This retreat is an intensive, week-long meditation program for new and experienced meditators interested in deepening their mindfulness-awareness. Join us for the whole week or sign up for a day or two. Continue »

Shambhala Guide Training

with Shastri Marcia Henry-Fink, Shastri Marilyn Moore, Shastri Joel Wachbrit

February 6th—February 9th (2020)

Karuna Training Certificate in Contemplative Psychology

February 20th—October 7th (2021)

Two-year comprehensive training and Certificate in Contemplative Psychology. Continue »

Qigong Level 5 (Eagle Rock)

with Eva Wong

March 7th—March 8th (2020)

If you¹ve completed Qigong Levels 1 - 4, please join us for Qigong Level 5 with Eva Wong! Continue »