Guy Blume Cooking

Eat, Meditate, Love

We were going to provide daily nutrition for people with AIDS. In 1990 it was all we could do to help the mostly young men that were dying. It was a terrifying epidemic with a 99% fatality rate. Death could come slow or fast but death always came.

Snowflake Contemplation

My hands are so cold and my summer riding gloves are quite useless but I have two secret weapons – a meditator’s mind and heated electric grips.

Able, Baker, Charlie & Denver

“It’s my first time in here,” the guy whispers to me; he doesn’t want the inmates on either side of him to hear. “I’ve been trying to do the practice for 10 minutes, like you said, twice a day.”

tree roots in soil

The Soil at the Root of Loneliness

On a rainy Sunday morning 20 years ago I was leaving a diner in Seattle. Just as I passed the pay phones and touched the door, I heard a woman behind me say, “I’m just so lonely that I don’t know what to do!”.