Acharya Bower on Grief and Aging

West Coast regional resource Acharya in the area of Practice Forms, Emily Bower, recently published an insightful piece entitled Relating with Grief as We Age for the Shambhala Times as part of the Working Group on Aging for Shambhala.

A Warrior Relates to Onions

I walked into the kitchen seeing all of these blades hanging on the wall in a row with the music from Psycho playing in my head! I would see my thumb flying across the room landing on the floor, someoneʼs hand lopped off by accident due to a cantaloupe chopping error.

Mamos, Maras, and Döns, oh my!

In the tradition of Shambhala warriors, it is important to remember that obstacles are not punishments but reminders to become more mindful and aware, to decrease our habitual speediness, to pay attention to our precious life and sacred world.