karuna training program

Karuna Training – A contemplative practice and study in Buddhist Psychology

The Karuna Training approach to Contemplative Psychology is both a field of study and a way of life. This article explains in more detail what this program is about, how it was started and who it is for. (Next Karuna Program in Los Angeles is at the Orange County Meditation Center).

A Home for Orange County Shambhala

In December, the Orange County Shambhala group held a fundraiser to find a home. It was fabulous. Here is an account of the evening by James Kieran Murphy.  When not traveling the highways or attending Shambhala Meditation Center Los Angeles (SMCLA) programs, we spend our time at the Center for Living Peace. We are fortunate … Continue 

Snowflake Contemplation

My hands are so cold and my summer riding gloves are quite useless but I have two secret weapons – a meditator’s mind and heated electric grips.