Land of Sunshine

I was born in L.A., and, except for two years in foggy London town, grew up here. The light in L.A. is my definition of light: warm and diffuse, clear, direct and expansive. Sometimes the light is an amazing yellow grey in the afternoon, sometimes it is clear as if invisible.

Through a Prism, Possibility: an Interview with Ashe Acharya John Rockwell

Ashe Acharya John Rockwell is one of our most experienced and realized teachers. He’s also an extremely generous and engaging gentleman. He graciously sat down with us recently on a sunny afternoon in Hollywood to talk about Los Angeles, plants, food, ecology, and what role Los Angeles might play in the larger Shambhala mandala and social transformation in general

The Buddy System

They put their stethoscope on her ears and let her listen, his heart wasn’t beating, it was her heart she was hearing. He was dead after the first shot hit his head.


A poem.

No Doubt

I met him at the top of the wooden stairs at Sunset Beach. The conditions have to be just right, and they were, at 7:30 am. I had never been to the beach that early. The water was already crowded with black wetsuits. He brought one for me. I stripped down to my underwear on the side of PCH and awkwardly tried to put it on. I felt cool…I was one of those half-naked people on PCH getting ready to go surfing.