SMCLA’s New Director Cynthia MacKay’s Shambhala Day Address

Please find the Shambhala Day’s address from our new Director-Cynthia MacKay. Cynthia presented her vision for Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles addressing the Los Angeles community on Shambhala Day. If this video encourages you to get involved please attend the Community Envision the Future Meeting on March 23rd.     Cynthia MacKay has been … Continue 

The Buddy System

They put their stethoscope on her ears and let her listen, his heart wasn’t beating, it was her heart she was hearing. He was dead after the first shot hit his head.

Able, Baker, Charlie & Denver

“It’s my first time in here,” the guy whispers to me; he doesn’t want the inmates on either side of him to hear. “I’ve been trying to do the practice for 10 minutes, like you said, twice a day.”

A Portrait of Cynthia MacKay

This short film by Tommy Dinh creates an intimate portrait of one of our teachers as she moves through her life.