Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

sakyong mipham shambhala spiritual leaderAbout the Spiritual Leader of Shambhala

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is the head of the Shambhala lineage and the global network of more than 200 Shambhala Meditation Centers.

A bestselling author, runner, husband, and father, the Sakyong is the global leader of Shambhala, guiding thousands of students worldwide on the path of meditation. With a unique blend of Eastern and Western perspectives, his teachings focus on living a courageous life based on wisdom, kindness and compassion. The Sakyong is a husband and father of three daughters. An avid runner, he has completed nine marathons. He is author of four books including the bestselling Turning the Mind into an Ally, and the recent release The Lost Art of Good Conversation. Through the Sakyong Foundation, he supports organizations and projects whose activities exemplify the Shambhala vision.


 The Lost Art of Good Conversation - book byThe SakyongThe Lost Art of Good Conversation Book

The newest release from Sakyong Mipham, bestselling author and one of Tibet’s highest and most respected spiritual leaders. Cutting through all the white noise, chatter, and superficiality our cell phones and social media cause, the Sakyong offers simple and practical advice to help us listen and speak more mindfully.

Dive into the book Publishers Weekly calls “a wise and informative guide that lays out a path towards genuine human connection and community in difficult times.”

Join us in Mar Vista at the Westside Center on Wednesday evenings for a special dharma gathering where we will do readings from the book. Open to all. Starts at 7:30 – 9pm.