We offer mindfulness meditation programs and retreats in the Tibetan Buddhist teachings, the arts, and other contemplative disciplines, as well as individual meditation instruction.

Our meditation centers in Los Angeles are homes to a vibrant, diverse community of members and friends who provide ongoing volunteer and financial support – creating a warm, genuine basis for the realizing the full potential of our authentic wisdom traditions. 

Meditation Introductory Programs in Los Angeles
Shambhala Programs and Curriculum


Contemplative Arts & Disciplines

Community Circle: Celebrating Broken, a DIY Kintsugi Workshop (Westside)

with Alex Lippman

February 8th

Kintsugi, or "golden joinery" in English, is the art of restoring life to broken objects with gold-infused lacquer. In this Community Circle, we will learn an at-home version of this traditional art form using things you can buy at your local craft store. Continue »

Kado Ikebana: Introduction to the Path of Flowers (Eagle Rock)

with Artist to the Court Marcia Shibata & Anjie Cho

February 29th

Kado is a path that incorporates Buddhist principals into the arrangement of flowers. Marcia Shibata will lead a one day workshop for first time participants. Continue »

Kado Ikebana: The Way of Flowers (Eagle Rock)

with Artist to the Court Marcia Shibata & Anjie Cho

March 1st

This is a one-day workshop for participants that have completed the introductory workshop. Continue »

Qigong Level 5 (Eagle Rock)

with Eva Wong

March 7th—March 8th

If you¹ve completed Qigong Levels 1 - 4, please join us for Qigong Level 5 with Eva Wong! Continue »

Qigong Levels 1 & 2 (Westside)

with Kate Summers

March 14th—March 15th

Qigong is a centuries-old art that integrates movement, breath and intention. Don't miss this opportunity to train in one ancient, one modern lineage that have rarely been transmitted in the West. Continue »