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Our meditation centers in Los Angeles are homes to a vibrant, diverse community of members and friends who provide ongoing volunteer and financial support – creating a warm, genuine basis for the realizing the full potential of our authentic wisdom traditions.

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Contemplative Arts & Disciplines

Contemplative Creativity Lab: Journaling as Practice [Online]

with Yuichi Handa

May 8th

Journaling can be a place where fresh new perspectives and understandings arise, drawing us closer to our hearts and to what truly matters to us. Continue »

Slow Handwriting - A Contemplative Practice

with Barbara Bash

June 12th

Our handwriting is a form of artistic expression that is accessible, unique and reflective of who we are in this moment. Drop in to this close at hand visual voice and discover the creative self. Continue »

Contemplative Creativity Lab - The Summer of Love Returns

with Joshua Northcutt

July 10th

In Meditation, the connection to the breath connects us to the present moment. Each time we make a mark we connect with the moment of now. In this Contemplative Mark Making Lab, we will practice sitting meditation followed by by experiential exercises. Continue »