Membership: Level of Support

Your financial contribution helps sustain the activity of Shambhala, allowing us to offer meditation, community events, and courses throughout the year. Monthly support also allows us to create and maintain a “home” for our practices and our community, and to create and model an uplifted environment that supports our practices and the Shambhala path to awakenment.

Our members have diverse means and so they can offer a wide range of monthly dues. No one is excluded from membership because of money. However, making a financial commitment is a very important step along the Shambhala path; it’s a gesture of support to the rest of your Shambhala community, and a clear acknowledgement of the value that you feel Shambhala has in your life.


Recommended Contributions

The  Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles welcomes members to contribute monthly dues in any amount of their choice. Minimum dues is $10 per month. We offer the following recommendations as a general guide for your convenience.

  • Student / Low Income = $5 to $40 per month
  • Average income = $41 to $100 per month
  • Higher income = $101 and up per month

Monthly dues can be paid by automatic bank withdrawal, PayPal or credit card. (NB: Paying by credit card means that 3-5% of your donation goes to the credit card company.) Please note that you can increase or decrease your monthly contributions at any time if your financial circumstances change.

All financial contributions to the center are tax deductible. Tax receipts are provided annually.

If you would like to speak with someone about your membership, how to decide the right monthly amount that fits your circumstance, and how to make that financial contribution to the center happen, please contact our office: [email protected]


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