White Awake Study Group

The Los Angeles Shambhala White Awake Study Group is a group for anyone who identifies as white who wants to learn more about the realities of racism and the unintended impacts of white privilege so that they can consciously contribute to racial justice rather than unconsciously perpetuate patterns of racism. We gather with other white people to create a space of learning without causing more harm. We hold the Shambhala values of basic goodness, bravery, gentleness, kindness, and understanding at the center of our study.

3rd Sunday of the Month, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm PT (online) Register Here

What We Do:

We study antiracism through reading, contemplation and discussion.
We are currently reading Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson. Click HERE for more information on the book.

Drop-ins are welcome! Even if you haven’t read the book.

Each meeting we will take time for a short meditation period, a brief review of Group Norms and may include personal writing practice and small and large group discussion. Occasionally a meeting will deviate from a book study to focus on a relevant article, film or podcast.

For questions please email: [email protected]

Important Note:

Given the sensitive nature of our discussions and that people are willing to be open in their sharing, we ask that you have your camera and microphone functioning. Of course there are occasional times when turning off the video or mic is appropriate. Thank you for your understanding.

Also, please consider creating a Shambhala account on the registration page (right side of the page) to receive the program’s Zoom meeting information immediately. This is especially important for participants who register close to the program start time.