By Alvin Valles

After a while some will become lawyers and dentists,
carpenters and carpenters’ wives, a few will slip into the role
of plumbers and policemen. And during the course of this
venture; a few will die, some will quit, while others will fade
into the far-far away.

Some will become bullfighters and poets, doctors and
bankers, heroes and husbands.

Given time they will forget the magic of an afternoon sun as
it rebounds off shards of broken glass. They will forget that
jelly beans and baubles were once gems and diamonds,
priceless in a child’s pocket.

Laughter will be strained at best.

Yet, some won’t change, and over time, you may find one or
two of them, perhaps three, in the toy sections of local
supermarkets, like spies coveting secrets, holding an open
box of crayons, eyes closed and inhaling the scent of color
and it is then, that they will remember.

AlvinAlvin Valles is a long time Glendale resident (1968) and lives with his cat China of 15 years. He has been coming to the Shambhala center for about  two years now and currently teaches general safety and cGMP at  Baxter Bioscience to entry level employees. His passions range from people watching to wondering and street photography. His online portfolio is currently under construction, however you may view some of his work here at http://www.flickr.com/photos/zencat

One of his current projects is a Gothic table top photography book featuring short stories and doll heads. Some of the images can be viewed at the link provided above.


3 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Love your essay/poem. Your photos are great! i am thrilled to find out your hidden talents.