The Lost Art of Good Conversation Book & Workshop

The Lost Art of Good Conversation Book by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, head of Shambhala

The newest book by Sakyong Mipham, The Lost Art of Good Conversation, is on sale at our Los Angeles Meditation Centers bookstores.

We don’t really know how to talk to each other anymore, says Sakyong Mipham. What’s more, in The Lost Art of Good Conversation, the head of Shambhala argues that our existence is diminished by the constant white noise, incessant chatter, and superficial give-and-take of modern day communication.

The point of his latest book is that it doesn’t have to be that way. By using the basic principles of the Shambhala tradition—meditation and a sincere belief in our inherent wisdom, compassion, and courage—we can “reconnect with the sun of goodness in our hearts and use speech to awaken naturally good qualities in ourselves and others.”

This book is for anyone who wants practical tips on how to be more present in their daily lives—and to learn to speak with others in a way that “moves from simply communicating practical bits of information to celebrating human connectedness, to expressing the inexpressible.”

“To me, there was never a disconnect between meditation and society. A lot of the pain we are feeling is with our interpersonal relationships: How we’re relating to others and how we’re relating to the world.”


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About the Book

The Lost Art of Good Conversation – A Mindful Way to Connect with Others and Enrich Everyday Life By Sakyong Mipham

In a world of iPhones and connectivity to social media and email, we are all in constant connection with one another. Then why are so many people feeling burned out, distant from colleagues, and abandoned by family and friends? In this new book from the bestselling author of Running with the Mind of Meditation, the Sakyong uses the basic principles of the Shambhala tradition—meditation and a sincere belief in the inherent wisdom, compassion, and courage of all beings—to help readers to listen and speak more mindfully with loved ones, co-workers, strangers, and even ourselves.

He highlights the importance of good conversation in these challenging times—exploring how we can awaken to our lives through the simple act of conversing with others. Through mindfully engaging in the relationships in our lives, we can find personal fulfillment.

The book’s underlying message is that our world is in dire need of kindness and compassion. Simply by shifting the focus of our life away from our own agenda, we can connect with others and the greater world.


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