Intro to Meditation Class

Meditation: Making Friends With Yourself is a two-hour introduction to basic “peaceful abiding” meditation practice in the Shambhala tradition to cultivate more stability, clarity, and strength of mind. 

It includes a half-hour of group instruction by a highly qualified teacher, two sessions of sitting and walking meditation practice, and a half-hour of group discussion.

Join us every month at the Westside Center and learn more about meditation. Contact us at [email protected] to learn when we will offer this meditation class again.

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In Shambhala, we practice meditation to experience basic goodness, have confidence in basic goodness, and allow basic goodness to manifest in our lives.  

  • Basic goodness is not an emotional high or a temporary relief from stress. It is not a concept, invention or anything that can be owned or copyrighted by anyone. It cannot be acquired or developed, achieved or mastered. It can only be discovered and experienced.
  • Basic goodness is the fundamentally pure and unconditionally awake nature of all human beings. It is what has enabled humanity to survive and thrive and is the basis of all the greatest human civilizations.
  • Our sense of basic goodness is often obscured by clouds of doubt and confusion. Much of our activity is driven by distrust in ourselves, others, and life in general. By practicing meditation we can cut through those clouds to directly experience our basic goodness and thereby greatly increase our appreciation of ourselves, others, and our whole world. 
While there is no charge for this meditation class, registration is requested to help us plan, and a donation to help pay for the costs would be gratefully accepted.


Westside Shambhala Meditation Center in Mar Vista, LA

Address: 3877A Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Westside Center Shambhala Los Angeles Meditation

DIRECTIONS: The Westside Center is situated behind 3871 Grandview. The entrance is through the alley between “Under the Sea” and “GreenCoast Hydroponics”, which is directly across the street from “STOCK Building Supply”.