by Shara Brown

angels don’t touch the ground
am i an angel?

don’t let the light burn you up
don’t drive too far into the sky

dig four limbs into
the grass at Griffith Park,
once a week, and

always experience the infinite blue
through sunglasses and sunscreen
said the former angeleno

Is a non-native still a flower?
yes, but  – of course

I am intoxicated.
I am smelling
and that is really

a big deal movie
quality projection, light

know you are not very important
no, you are very important

a decade closed on
numbered streets that
I could make out
in the rain

which I knew
to feel cold

I don’t know anything in california

lost in the illuminated line
of a sun that sets where it too rises


sharaShara Brown moved here from New York City three years ago. She played Humpty Dumpty in her elementary school ballet and leads Rush Hour Sitting at SMCLA.