Develop a daily meditation practice while making connections.

For new and experienced practitioners the regular practice of meditation can be challenging.  Distractions are everywhere.  That’s why many find it helpful to set an intention to practice every day for a period of time while maintaining a connection with others that support your practice.  It is with this mindset that we invite you to join us this July to Commit To Sit!

How it works:

1. Set the intention to meditate everyday for the first 21 days in July, 2018.

2. Reaffirm your intention by registering to the Commit to Sit: 21-Day Summer Meditation Challenge.
Practitioners who register will have ways to stay connected with others, share their progress, and have the opportunity to practice together at their local Shambhala center (see below for dates).

3. Meditate once a day during the challenge.  You can do it at home, at the beach, on a plane, on a train, or wherever works best for you. You decide where, when and how much meditation to commit to each day.  Remember to not let the fear of failure keep you from recommitting to sit.


Get support at your local Shambhala Center:

Kick off the challenge on Sunday July 1 from 9-12 pm in Eagle Rock, Mar Vista or Costa Mesa. Get meditation instruction, meet some of your fellow 21day-ers, and have some yummy snacks!

Check in by attending open sitting hours at your local Shambhala Center, meet with a meditation instructor, and get a chance to connect with others.

Spend a day going deeper by attending our All Day Sit in Mar Vista on July 8th. 21 day-ers receive $21 off the program price!

Finish with a flourish by attending our Eagle Rock All Day Sit on July 21. Again, you get $21 off the program fee!

NOTE: Attending just one day-long program covers the Commit To Sit registration cost.

Stay Connected on Social Media:

Folks who register will be invited to Join our 21-Day Facebook group.  This will be a great way to check in with other meditators, find inspirational articles and videos for those days when your motivation is waning, and keep up to date about 21 Day events.  You can also encourage you to share your progress on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #CommitToSit