Looking at Engaged Buddhism – a Shambhala Perspective

I’m someone who has actively followed politics all my life. I read about it every morning and discuss it regularly. Since I’m a photographer who lives and works in Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that I’m strongly progressive. But part of my job is relating to whomever I’m shooting, so I’ve gotten pretty … Continue 

Shambhala Art is coming to a Center near you

by Shambhala Art teacher Debra Dysart At this time of year, I am often reminded how very fortunate I am to be living in Los Angeles. I know what it’s like to shovel my car out of the hard-packed snow bank that the plow pushed up against it and scrape the ice off the windshield, … Continue 

A Message from the Director

Dear Noble Warriors of Shambhala, Today, right now, some of us are experiencing an immense amount of sadness and fear about our future. As well, some are experiencing new hope for our future. Whatever it is you’re feeling, the divide between hope and fear appears to be as vast as the long deep valleys of … Continue 

What is a “Weekthun?” (Dec 26-Jan 1) – A Special Invitation from Acharya Emily Bower

I am looking forward to leading the weeklong retreat this holiday season. In this retreat, our main practice will be showing up for each session and following our teachers’ instructions for meditation. Our secondary practice will be contemplating kindness and the possibilities that arise when we acknowledge basic goodness—of ourselves, of each other, and of … Continue 

The Shambhala community in Orange County has a uniqueness…

An interview with Shastri Marilyn Moore “In her recent visit to Southern California, Minister Jane Arthur pointed out that each of our centers has a unique flavor, a quality all its own. In that spirit, she shared that her experience of our Orange County community was a sense of family, a feeling that people truly … Continue