Greg Lubkin on Illness

Long-time Shambhala student, teacher and recently-resigned co-director of SMCLA, Greg Lubkin, recently published a brilliant piece entitled the Wisdom of Illness for the Shambhala Times as part of their Community Articles series. Here is a brief excerpt.

Human Subjects

I suspect I am just like the young men who bombed the Boston Marathon. I aspire to act with compassion; surely my heart is also gold. But, like these men, I too am habitually and periodically prone to compartmentalized and destructive acts of anger, fear and confusion that cause harm to others. They are much smaller but, as in these men, they co-exist with acts of loving-kindness.

Mood Indigo

Somehow I “knew” him from that performance. Shaken and touched I went home and wrote this poem. It just poured into my mind with no editing.

Land of Sunshine

I was born in L.A., and, except for two years in foggy London town, grew up here. The light in L.A. is my definition of light: warm and diffuse, clear, direct and expansive. Sometimes the light is an amazing yellow grey in the afternoon, sometimes it is clear as if invisible.

From the Directors


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