Regional Director of Southern California

Southern California Shambhala is calling for applicants to take the seat of Regional Director of Southern California.  This position would engage with all of Southern California and includes four centers and two groups. Centers include Los Angeles Shambhala, West LA Shambhala, Orange County Shambhala, San Diego Shambhala, and the groups include Carpinteria and Ojai.

Who We Are Looking For:

Southern California has always been a place of possibility and creativity.  We are a sprawling multicultural city of close to 19 million that has dynamic energy and we are home to the world’s largest community of creatives working in the entertainment industry. We have great weather, fantastic food, and are a city pulsating with the sense of possibility. We are also a city of gridlock, societal inequity, and endemic sprawl.  In essence, leading the engaged Shambhala Community here, we are offering one of the worlds largest and most vibrant laboratories for Creating Enlightened Society.

We are, of course, all aware of the turbulence roiling our community, our country and our world.  And in such times, we here in Southern California are looking for someone who has a deep Vision of what Creating Enlightened Society might actually mean. We are looking for someone who is willing to create a space dedicated to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.  We are looking for someone excited about reaching out to tap into the innovative, artistic and diverse possibilities inherent in our city. And we are looking for someone to provide gentle, kind, and strong Leadership as LA continues to lead the way forward in Shambhala.

There is also a part-time paid staff member who works directly under the Regional Director and assists with managing the budget and scheduling events, assists with upkeep of the Center in Eagle Rock, provides supplies for Westside and Orange County, and is a general resource for the Regional Director.  Additionally, the Los Angeles Sangha has a Council, which means that work such as managing finances and programs is done with/through the Council.

The Position:

Shambhala LA seeks a Regional Director with the professional background and the personal qualities that will enable them to lead and inspire the community in addressing the opportunities and challenges we face today. Overall, Shambhala seeks a wise and modern visionary who maintains ethical principles, decorum, and mindful conduct, and has the capability and drive to manage and direct all parts of our thriving community.

Our next Regional Director would ideally have the professional background constituting an excellent fit with the sangha’s distinctive characteristics as a spiritual organization, community center, and deep study environment. These include the following:

  • Professional Capabilities:
    • Demonstrated understanding of Shambhala Vision
    • Deep commitment and further willingness to develop values and principles based in Buddhist teachings, combined with the desire and capability to incorporate these values into their leadership 
    • The desire to help SoCal grow and professionalize and in the process maintain its uniqueness as a lineage based Buddhist Community 
    • Experience managing the budget and finances of non-profit, religiously-based institutions and dealing effectively with limited resources 
    • Demonstrated success in raising funds for and increasing the resources available to institutions of higher education, as well as in shaping a productive development office  
    • Clear understanding of the importance of effective marketing and meaningful communication in maintaining visibility in a city with spiritual sound bites 
    • Successful leadership experience in bridging the divides that can arise betweensegments of a community with different interests and backgrounds, practice experiences, and in uniting the efforts of these parties towards a common goal 
  • Personal Qualities: In addition to the above professional experience and capabilities, and in order that they may be most effectively used for the benefit of all beings, the RD is also expected to possess certain essential personal qualities that enable them to mentor, model, and inspire:
    • Highly developed interpersonal and communicative skills enabling effective interaction with a wide variety of individuals and groups
    • A welcoming spirit and open-door policy that will invite conversation with all members of the Sangha community, as well as their questions, participation, and contributions.
    • A desire for frequent involvement with members and the willingness to be “out and about” on a regular basis and when appropriate to “be on the ground” with them. 
    • The stamina necessary to meet the constant requirement for engaging with the Sangha
    • The diplomacy necessary to deal effectively with tensions and divides that can arise in a complex environment of a 40 plus year community and ancient lineage 
    • A natural articulateness: effective and polished skills at speaking in public to many different audiences.
  • Responsibilities Include:
    • Developing relationships with, providing leadership for, and inspiring basic goodness in Southern California
    • Magnetize, engage, and inspire a dedicated council charged with various aspects of the mandala
    • Inspiring Outreach to the Diverse Communities of SoCal
    • Overseeing Centers and Groups
    • Presenting a Clear Vision of Enlightened Society to Our Community 
    • Creating a culturally inclusive space for Practice as we move forward
  • Benefits Include:
    • Leadership in one of the most creative and energetic Communities in Shambhala
    • Being at the forefront of the Shambhala International conversation
    • Pretty cool people in the Sangha
    • Compensation package offered


Inquiries, nominations, and applications are invited.

Review of candidates will begin immediately, and expressions of interest will be welcomed until an appointment is made. Application process shall commence immediately.  To ensure full consideration, applications should be received by March 31, 2020.

Application materials should include a letter of interest, a ​curriculum vitae/resume,​ and 3 references. Calls to references will occur only later in the search process and only with prior notification of candidates. All submissions will be treated in confidence and must be sent electronically (MS Word or .pdf format) to [email protected]