Meditation is a way to make the mind more stable and clear. From this point of view, meditation is not purely a Buddhist practice; it’s a practice that anyone can do.

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Los Angeles Shambhala offers a path of meditation practice and contemplative arts oriented towards modern life. Join us for meditation courses, retreats and group meditation at any of our three Meditation Centers in LA located in Eagle Rock, Mar Vista and Costa Mesa, OC. Who we are

Meditation Programs

Sitting Down While Locked Up - Meditation in L.A. County Jails (Eagle Rock)

with Kate Summers & John MacAdams

April 21st

Kate Summers and John MacAdams talk about their work as Buddhist chaplains/mediation instructors in the LA Country Sheriff’s Department Jail System. Continue »

Qigong Levels 1 & 2 (Westside)

with Kate Summers

April 28th—April 29th

NEW! Bring or a refer a friend and they get 1/2 off! Qigong is a centuries-old art that integrates movement, breath and intention. Don't miss this opportunity to train in one ancient, one modern lineage that have rarely been transmitted in the West. Continue »

Contentment in Everyday Life: A 5-Week Intro Course (Westside)

with Debra Dysart & Anne Saitzyk

May 3rd—May 31st

Open to all! With meditation practice, we learn to appreciate ourselves and simple human experiences. Continue »


“Best Meditation Retreat in Los Angeles, CA”

Rated #1 on Yelp!: The Shambhala Meditation Center in Eagle Rock is a good location to find peace and tranquility in Los Angeles’ chaos.


Why haven’t I been here sooner? Shambhala Los Angeles have plenty of meditation classes and events throughout the week and they have monthly meditation groups that really encourage a sense of fellowship and community. I can see myself going back you’re on a regular basis because anything to help people center themselves feel better about how their mind works is a good thing, no matter where you are in life. Go check it out.


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If you’re curious about meditation, or would just like a refresher, I’d highly recommend Shambhala Meditation Center in LA.

–  Jennifer


Amazing space and great people. Really a wonderful place to explore meditation and connecting with oneself.

– Jason

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