Westside Shambhala

Ongoing Meditation Programs at Westside Center (Mar Vista)

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MONDAYS: Young Meditators Group (7.30 – 9pm): A Meditation and Discussion Group for the Twenty-Something Sangha, is an opportunity for those in their late teens to early thirties to get together for meditation and socializing. Meeting every Monday at 7:30, the evening will be open and relaxed, and will include a period of meditation (with instruction for those who are new), a contemplation/reading/talk/or discussion, and then time to socialize. This night is always free and open to all, at any level of experience.  This group also meet in Eagle Rock on Fridays. Learn more



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TUESDAYS: Yoga and Meditation (7:30 pm – 9pm). NEW CLASS! $10 suggested donation.




WEDNESDAYS: Weekly Dharma Gathering (Kitchen Sink Dharma: Mixing Meditation with Everyday Life) happens every Wednesday at 7:30 pm for a $10 suggested donation. Join us for a weekly talk and discussion about the relationship of meditation to everyday life. Includes meditation instruction and refreshments. All are welcome; newcomers as well as seasoned practitioners. View schedule.



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SUNDAYS: Public Meditation Sitting (9am – noon, and 3 – 5pm). Group discussion and/or contemplation period is from 4 – 4:30pm. There will be opportunities to discuss what comes up in our meditation practice, ask questions of trained Meditation Instructors, and to connect with other members of the Westside Community.  Sitting practice includes short periods of walking meditation.





SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH:  Creativity Lab (11am – 1pm): exploring creative processes that arises from meditative space. We are a group of art and meditation practitioners and teachers who want to play with the Dharma Art teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and to share it with others. To let go of concepts about “Art” and collaborate. Not primarily to make stuff, but to engage each other and develop a ground of mutual trust born of curiosity, willingness to be a fool, and trust in the process of coming back to the present moment. To see where it goes. Please join us! la.shambhala.org/ongoing-offerings/creativity-lab/



Shambhala Westside Center Location:

3877A Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 | View Google Map

PLEASE NOTE: The center is situated behind 3871 Grandview, next to the Neighborhood Youth Association.  Parking is accessible by the driveway along the side of the building with additional parking available on the street and at the school lot next door.

On Sunday’s a Farmer’s Market cuts off access to Grand View from Venice Boulevard, so please come from the south via Washington Place.