Pricing Policy

The Shambhala Center remains open because of the ongoing generosity of our members and program participants, and one of the cornerstones of our policy is that no one should be prevented from participating in a program of interest because of financial considerations. At the same time, the Center always needs to raise revenue so that it can stay open and grow, and expand our offerings to the world at large. When we allow students to offer the amount that is most generous according to their own situation, we offset the difference by using our scholarship fund.

Tiered Pricing

We are using tiered pricing for most programs both to encourage generosity and help support a variety of financial circumstances. The tiers are as follow:
  • Full Tuition:  we invite you to pay the full tuition rate. By doing so, you make it possible for us to continue to offer an abundance of quality programs for our community. This level covers the full cost of the program which includes the direct cost of your program and a contribution to our year round operations. By choosing to pay this price, you extend your generosity to SMCLA and the other participants. Thanks to you, we can make more scholarships available and we can continue to enrich our sangha.
  • Assisted Tuition: this price reflects our commitment to keeping programs affordable. The operational costs for this program that are not covered by program fees come from the generous donations of our patrons.
  • Generosity Policy: always available if the assisted level is too high. Our standard generosity policy is that a person pay 50% of the full tuition and volunteer through our work-study program for the remainder. Volunteers are needed at most of our functions and you could volunteer at the program you are attending, another program, or offer some other service to the community. Please see our volunteer page for opportunities.If the standard generosity policy is not workable in your situation, please contact the registrar (323-255-5472) in advance of the beginning of the program to work out an equitable tuition.

    The Los Angeles Regional Shambhala Center’s Generosity Policy is based upon our sangha’s fundamental commitment to the Mahayana path of benefiting all sentient beings. This frames the way that we think about all of our sources of revenue. In all program offerings, we offer a few benchmark suggestions when collecting payment, but the central principle always remains the same: “How much are you able to give?” In this way, everyone is extended the opportunity to practice generosity over and over again. Sometimes we can be more generous than at other times, and that’s the way things are.

Interest free payment plans are available for all tier levels and are payable over a 6 month period. Please call the registrar at 323-255-5472 or email to set up a payment schedule.