Kitchen Sink Dharma (Westside)

Mixing Meditation with Everyday Life
Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm


At Westside Shambhala
3877A Grand View Blvd
Mar Vista, CA 90066
$10 suggested donation
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Meditation is less about achieving a peaceful state of mind than rolling up our sleeves and experiencing life directly. Washing dishes in the sink can be meditation as much as sitting in a monastery reciting mantras. These evenings are about integrating a spiritual life with a secular life and having a sense of humor along the way.

Join us for weekly talks by senior teachers of Shambhala Buddhism and community discussion. The evening features meditation instruction, a short period of meditation and refreshments. All are welcome; newcomers as well as seasoned practitioners. Bring a friend!


  • March 12 -  Sharon Owyang  TBA
  • March 19  – Sheryl Beard  “Great Teachers of the Shambhala Lineage DVD”
  • March 26 – Bill Bothwell  TBA
  • April 2 – Tom Gottleib  “The Nuts & Bolts of Practice”
  • April 9 – Steve Saitzyk:  “Discipline, Spontaneity, and Creativity”
  • April 16 - Alex Milsom:  “Shambhala Lineage and Women”
  • April 23 - Kate Summers  “Great Teachers of the Shambhala Lineage DVD”
  • April 30 -  David Dubin  “The Myth of the Experienced Meditator”
  • May 7 - Cynthia MacKay:  “The Nuts & Bolts of Practice”
  • May 14 - Pamela Bothwell:  “Caring for Oneself and Others”
  • May 21 -  TBA  “Great Teachers of the Shambhala Lineage DVD”
  • May 28 – Bill Bothwell  TBA


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